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Words to live by (written by 20-year old me) 👦 [±1min read]

I wrote this when I was 20 years old - 20 years ago now - a life manifesto of sorts, I guess, or the ideological ramblings of youth perhaps.

Good advice, though, I think… (slightly edited, of course, because, well… I was twenty)

In life, stand up and be counted,

Rise up and seize the brand new day.

If you fail, don't give in,

Be the first to acknowledge it.

In life, be ferocious and attacking,

But also be simple and understanding.

If you succeed, don't forget who helped you get there,

If you fail, learn from your mistakes.

In life, if you love, do it with your body mind and soul,

But don't let it blur your vision and direction in life.

Make good friendships and treasure them,

For they will guide you through the harsh times that lie ahead.

In life, if you make too much money, give it away,

Otherwise, your mind will get clouded from the realities of life.

If you don't (make much money), don't rely on others,

If you're given something, take it, if not, go out and get it.

In life, be compassionate and give of one's self,

But don't be taken advantage of.

Be blunt and direct,

but not to the extent that it makes your heart cold.

In life, criticize yourself,

But don't let others do it for you.

If they do,

Take it as guidance, not as an insult.

In life, remember your mistakes,

and learn from them,

We aren't perfect,

So gain insight learnt from the knowledge of mistakes.

In life, know that hard and trying time lay ahead,

But take them in your stride and most importantly,

Be happy and enjoy everything you do.


Header Photo by Greg Rakozy on Unsplash


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